Friday, October 16, 2009

Hens Declare Solvency

After a night long closed-coop meeting the hens of Oaktown Flock have announced they are now able to pay their rent and food bills. Spokeschicken Duerhea B. Orpington said the group is happy that in spite of having lost two members to neighborhood predation in past years, egg production is up and broodiness has sunk to a record low of under 20%.

The flock, who are members of the Egg Layers Union, Local 5, ELU-CIO have no plans to re-open negotiations with Oaktown Farm at this time, even though their 4-year contract has expired. The current price of one premium fresh organic chicken egg at Whole Foods is approximately 60 cents, and the group of five produces an average of three eggs per day.  Their total gross earnings during the second quarter was a whopping $54 per month, while monthly feed costs are $12 per month for the same period. The hens attribute this upturn to improved kitchen scraps which have included bacon this summer, a favorite food.
In a side note D.B. Orpinton pointed out the benefits package they deliver to the farm includes manure for the compost and free bug extermination upon request. While it is difficult to assign a monetary value to these services, they contribute to the overall success of the farm venture.
The group would like to have more free roaming time on their schedule, and possibly a resident rooster and improved coop-cleaning services, but are making no demands at this time. Oaktown Farm had no comment, as they were eating breakfast.


  1. Loved this! I'm glad you're back to blogging.

  2. Yes, and exactly WHAT were they eating for breakfast?

    I found out it's probably permitted to have chooks in San Rafael! Now I'm scared. Should I? Three eggs a day is too many. Oh, and the predatory birds overhead...

  3. Thanks Zoomie! And Cookie, why NOT have some hens? The eggs can be given away, and the chickens will take care of themselves whilst you are out and about. No stress! Predatory birds be damned. Just don't give cute names to the chickens...

  4. Oh, like I can't call 'em Buffy O?