Monday, April 4, 2011

Moving from Oakland

Most stressful thing I have done in decades. Maybe more stressful because it has been so many decades in the same wonderful house, and involved decades-worth of stuff to sort through. Also there was a stunning amount of paperwork, phone calling, hiring of help, check writing, and general office work involved. That part made packing seem easy, but it wasn't. The hardest part was we had a lot of splainin' to do. Leaving grandchildren was a painful, tearful, wrenching ordeal.  It is difficult to grok the grandparent/grandchild relationship. 

But now we are townies of a different hue. Port Townsend, Washington is called Paradise by the locals, and now by us as well. Nevermind it snowed a lot our first winter, and Spring is crouching somewhere ready to jump out as soon as the rain stops for a day or two.  Nevermind the pulp mill nearby makes the air smell like a cat box occasionally, or that the limited local shopping is geared toward tourism. The Food Co-op really rocks, but is kinda pricey. It's like a baby Whole Foods, without the clothing line.
The sea is beautiful and inviting, but there is no moorage to be had within 50 miles. There are many boats here, as Port Townsend is the Wooden Boat capital of the world. Views of water and islands are everywhere, and yes, we can see Russia I mean Canada from here.
Our little house in the woods is small and cozy, and does not accommodate our furniture gracefully.
The garden is mature already, and more formal than really necessary. There is no room for growing veggies, and anyway the deer make it very exasperating to try. Most serious vegetable beds here are surrounded by eight foot fences with deer gazing in, wistfully.
It is very, very quiet here. A pileated woodpecker lives nearby and his woodpeckering can be heard echoing through the trees. A bald eagle stops in a tall pine tree every day on his daily errands, watching things. Owls and coyotes can be heard at night. We have hours of un-interrupted violin practice time.
 But best of all, Coco gets to run at the fairgrounds every day with his new dog friends.