Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reasons to Eat Cake

1. It was Coco's birthday a week ago
2. Julian really wanted cake
3. We don't want the bakery to go out of business*
4. We thought they put real whipped cream on top (but we were disappointed.)
6. I forget why we ate cake.

* The Merritt Bakery in Oakland is getting subsidized by the city to the tune of 150k so they won't go under. The reason? It's an Oakland landmark.  Never mind they don't serve good meals, never mind they put some kind of plastic gobbledegook on the cake in the place of whipped cream, never mind Oakland is laying off police officers and cannot support our schools because we're broke.  Bailing out the Merritt Bakery is akin to Getting the Raiders Back, which didn't make sense to me either. There is a much better use of the little money we have in the Oakland city coffers.
Just my opinion.